Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Avril Lavigne - Nobodys Home

Hello again!!!

Hiya everyone :D
I'm sorry that I haven't been on in a while! It was my birthday so I am going to do all the song's by my favourite ever singer AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!
Hope you like them too :¬)

1. Sk8er boi
This song is one of her most famous ones and its one of the best :)
I think she has an incredible voice And this song shows it x

2. Nobody's home
This song isn't so well known but its a good one!
I can play this on my guitar so I look it up on YouTube and play along with it :)

3.I don't have to try!
This is a real rock song so i love it! its all about her being in control and that she doesn't care what you say!

4. Alice
This is one of her more gentle ones, made for the film Alice in Wonderland!
But its still very cool and unique!!!!!!!!! so I love it!

Saving the best till last!!! The brand new song what the hell! This is the best song that she has ever done in my opinion, YAY!!!

Hope you like them all :)


Friday, 1 October 2010

Lady Gaga Paparazzi


Hello last time I asked you lady gaga or beyonce you said

lady gaga !!!

1.poker face
poker face was in the charts for a long time and most people love it!I like it too, its very unique and its true becuase lady gaga does have a poker face it honestly never changes :¬0

2.Bad romance
"Ra ra oh lala your my bad romance". lady gaga is a bit mad and this song definitely shows it, she talks absolute nonsense but we all seem to love it, amazing!!!

3.just dance
Just dance and it will all be alright! So its all about lady gaga being very very drunk and not able to remember anthing so she decides to just dance and then every thing is ok again. I could not have thought of words like this, great job LG

I asked you to pick between two great singers and it must have been hard for you so heres a song with both of them in one - yes you heard me right two of pops greatest singers singing a song about a telephone what more could you want !

This one is also very unique at least the video is, the video in which lady gaga's boyfriend tries to kill her so that he can be more famous but she doesn't actually die and she gets her revenge by killing him back, fabulous!

Thanks for looking at my post sorry being so late on the lady gaga hope you come back next week for another update on music right now goodbye xxx

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Avril Lavigne - Official 'Alice (Underground)' Music Video (HQ)

COOL !!!

Are you ready for one more of my musical posts before I go away for a month to center parcs ! Since I won't be writing for a while inspiration hit me, (DING DONG)! what about if after this holiday I write about 5 songs from one famous singer? but I can't pick between 2 different singers and I need your help, so can you pick between lady gaga and beyonce NOW !!! Ready, steady, GO !!!

1.Eliza Dolittle/pack up
This song is very catchy, I love it! her voice is very sweet .
It's a swaying sort of song and I always sing along when its on the radio .
2.beyonce /put a ring on it
Beyonce is a legend and i think all her songs are absolutely the best but this
one is very famous and i love it wow, cool !!!
3.Avril lavigne/Alice
this is a new and very cool song by my favourite artist ever, and its no surprise
i and many others love this new song its so cool !!! Its based on Alice in
wonderland wow truly cool !!!
9/10 HIGH SCOR, I'm sure avril will be happy to know that shes got high scor

4. Enrique Iglesias (ft Pitbull)/ I like it
actually i don't like it, its a bit annoying really but mum insists on having
mad twenty something Spanish man floating in midair, CRAZY !!!

5. Muse/neutron star collision
beautiful song very beautiful well done ! Ahhhh this song means so much,
only i understand so little but i like it ... well the bits i understand anyway

I might have time while I'm on holiday to post on my other blog you'll find it on my profile